The Forgotten Temple of Ateus

Delve into a forgotten temple and claim a powerful artifact!

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What's Included?

  • 15-page PDF
  • Original artwork by Matias Lazaro
  • Professional cartography by Dyson Logos

Adventure Primer

Forgotten Temple of Ateus is a Fifth Edition adventure for three to seven characters, optimized for a party of five characters of 9th level.

This adventure details the ruins of the forgotten temple of Ateus where one of the four pieces of the staff of Harkhem is hidden.

This adventure is part of DMDave’s Desert of Desolation adventure path. If you are running this adventure independently, consider switching out the piece of the staff of Harkhem for a different magical item or plot token.


The temple of Ateus is an abandoned temple carved out of the side of a mountain. Its stewards were druidic acolytes and priests. A piece of the staff of Harkhem was brought to them for safeguarding; however, shortly after the piece was sealed a group of shadowswords arrived and killed everybody in the temple. The couatl, Ateus, both servant and honored of the temple, was left to her own devices after the shadowswords left.