Trial by Fire is a Fifth Edition adventure for 3 to 7 characters, optimized for a party of 4 characters of 1st level. 

The postal guild received a package destined for an abandoned dwarven tower. Oddly, instructions for the delivery request the adventurers by name.

What's Included?

  • 14-page PDF
  • 1 fully-illustrated map by The Reclusive Cartographer

Adventure Background

There are watchtowers, beacons of light, throughout the underearth around the dwarven city of Eth Aldur. They offer a reprieve from the dangers that lurk in the dark and provide an emergency call system for the disparate towns and villages that have grown in the winding caves. Sometimes, as populations shift, these watchtowers fall out of use. One such tower is now inhabited by a drow oracle.

Talice Rhomduil

Talice Rhomduil is a drow woman (oracle) that lives in an abandoned dwarven watchtower. She has quietly maintained and operated the tower through the decades — the local dwarves, which have never seen anybody come or go in their lifetimes, believe a ghost is responsible and give the tower a wide berth even as they are grateful for the fire that burns at its peak. Talice has a gift of foresight and occasionally uses it to influence events in her vicinity.

Months prior to this adventure, Talice foresaw a group of dwarves taking refuge in her tower from an undead blackfire drake, which eventually batters down the tower’s entrance and kills both the dwarves and Talice. Talice used information from her other visions to piece together a way for the dwarves and herself to avoid an untimely death; a package addressed to herself, delivered by the characters, who will conveniently arrive at her tower as the drake is attacking and dispatch the threat.