The Iron Maiden is a Fifth Edition adventure for 3 to 7 characters, optimized for a party of 4 characters of 1st or 2nd level.

Opal, a sentient iron golem, wants to learn more about their creator, a reclusive wizard that came to Eth Aldur from the outskirts of the city before allegedly forfeiting their life to create them. They want the characters to join them on an expedition to find and investigate where their creator came from.

What's Included?

  • 18-page PDF
  • 3 full-color maps


Hidden in plain sight along one of the roads of the underearth, the dwarven scholar Tydur Brightreach set up a facility for the research, construction, and testing of golems. Tydur was especially interested in the prospect of creating autonomous, sentient life. After decades of research and failed attempts, they managed to create Opal, a sentient iron golem. When they concluded that Opal was a success in a controlled environment, they used magic to suppress their memories and set them loose near Eth Aldur to see what would happen in a live environment. Much to Tydur’s delight, Opal was able to successfully integrate with the dwarven society there. Since the success of Opal, Tydur has been obsessed with replicating his results and is currently consumed with developing a successor.

Meanwhile, Opal has been living in Eth Aldur for decades now. Using her strength and resilience to heat to her advantage, she quickly became an indispensable asset at the dwarven forges. Over time, the magic that Tydur used to suppress her memories began to erode. Through fragments of memory and the resources of Eth Aldur, Opal was able to pin-point the likely location of Tydur and her origin.