Rescue an archaeologist that’s been captured by tormented spirits of the dead!

Ruins of Kupe is a Fifth Edition adventure for three to seven characters, optimized for a party of five characters of 6th level. This adventure is part of DMDave’s Desert of Desolation adventure path.

In this adventure, the characters confront the shadowswords at the Ruins of Kupe and attempt to rescue Aronin, an archaeologist, or, failing that, his journal. Within the ruins, the characters will learn about the lost Silver Pyramid, a tomb believed to hold an ancient pharaoh’s wealth, and a crystal lens that will allow them to find the lost pyramid and four hidden temples, each holding a key needed to enter the pyramid.

Ruins of Kupe

The ruins of Kupe are the remains of a wizard’s research facility, buried under the earth in the foothills of the Border Mountains at the southern edge of the Burning Borderlands.


Decades ago, at the height of interest in the Silver Pyramid, a wizard began collecting magical runestones from dig sites around the pyramid that bore clues about how to unlock its secrets. In a fit of curiosity, the wizard managed to use divination magic to bypass the pyramid’s wards, but what he saw drove him mad. In his madness, he created the shadowswords to guard knowledge of the pyramid. The shadowswords carry out this task compulsively, with no clear understanding of why.