Necromancer’s Sanctum is a Fifth Edition adventure for 3 to 7 characters of 13th to 14th level, and is optimized for 5 characters with an average party level (APL) of 13.


Seipris the Soulkeeper holds dominion over a subterranean empire of ghouls, vampires, and other undead. Deep beneath the surface in lightless tunnels and vast chambers, the civilized ghouls of the empire carved glory from flesh and stone under Seipris’ leadership. She led the empire to victory against the humanoids, and now that race is all but extinct in any territory the ghouls control.

The ghouls are content to reside in the lightless depths beneath the earth for now, but Seipris muses about what prizes exist under the sky. To this end, she tends to operate out of an enchanted sanctum capable of teleporting throughout the material plane in places where the underworld meets the surface.

Seipris’ activities near the surface have earned her a fearsome reputation, drawing the attention of adventurers throughout the realm.

Collaboration with Tom Cartos

This adventure was made in collaboration with Tom Cartos! As such, you can download the high-resolution maps on his patreon for FREE.