What's Included?

  • 24-page PDF
  • Maps by Tom Cartos
  • New magic items by Torchlight Press and Divination Illustrations
  • Music by Music d20 and McRoMusic

Adventure Primer

Explore the centuries-old Tomb of Emun-Rah in this adventure for three to seven characters, optimized for a party of five characters of 3rd level.

An angelic cat has just informed you that marauders have begun to defile a nearby pyramid, and that it’s up to you to stop them. Will you heed the cat’s warning and refrain from disturbing the tomb yourself? Or will you plunder it for everything it’s worth? Avoid traps, explore secret passageways, and find wondrous loot in this epic desert adventure! 

Marauders of the Lost Tomb was created as a collaboration between Torchlight Press, Divination Illustrations, Tom Cartos, Music d20, and McRoMusic.