Explore the quirky tower of a strange wizard!

The MAD Wizard’s Tower is a Fifth Edition adventure balanced for three to seven characters with an average party level (APL) of 3. Characters of higher level may find the combat encounters trivial, however the social elements of the tower should still offer an interesting experience.

What's Included

  • 17-page PDF
  • 4 professionally-made maps by The MAD Cartographer
  • 1 new monster


The mad wizard’s tower is a perfectly-circular stone structure with no visible entrance or exit that’s several stories tall. Jutting out of the roof is a gleaming brass rim of a massive telescope. The tower is regarded by locals with wary skepticism.

Isona, the Mad Wizard

The mad wizard (archmage) of the tower is an enigmatic human woman named Isona that never leaves the tower and rarely entertains guests. Isona is deeply concerned with arcane divinations drawn from the movements of celestial bodies. They have a single apprentice, which they delegate interactions with the public to.

Isona can be located anywhere in the tower, at the GM’s discretion. She isn’t fond of unexpected visitors, but may be placated by offerings of knowledge. If the characters manage to get on her good side, she can provide aid by casting Find the Path, Commune with Nature, Contact Other Plane, or Legend Lore.