Escape the clutches of a house-sized mimic in this unusual side quest!

Hungry Hungry House: Enter the Mimic is a Fifth Edition adventure for three to seven characters of 3rd level and is optimized for five characters with an average party level (APL) of 3. The characters find themselves in the bowels of a living house. Can they make it out alive?


The Hungry House, as it’s known in tales of yore, is a colossal mimic that has grown to the size of a mansion. Buried deep in a forest, the house appears to be an inviting refuge. By the time creatures get close enough to notice the eerie silence and the deference that woodland creatures give the area, it’s usually too late.

Normally, the house is content to let its prey enter the house and explore, however it recently sustained a grievous injury from a meal. Now, it aggressively attacks anything within its reach, trying to get as many nutrients as it can to fuel its healing.