What's Included?

  • 17-page PDF detailing the city of Eth Aldur
  • A 3 minute soundtrack produced by McRoMusic
  • Professional cartography by The Reclusive Cartographer

The Dwarven City of Eth Aldur

Eth Aldur — the City of Magma, the Climbing City. This dwarven city is carved into the perimeter of a vertical shaft over a cauldron of magma. The denizens of the city are expert metalworkers, miners, and explorers of the underearth.

For GMs sending their players to see the wealth of the underearth, this broiling city offers a variety of characters and plot hooks to engage your players.

The First Flame

The city of Eth Aldur was founded by a lone dwarven traveler that heeded a divine mandate to journey deep into the unknown reaches of the underearth and found a new home. They followed the paths carved out by vast chasms and bubbling veins of magma. Eventually, many hundreds of miles from the kingdoms they left behind, they found the caves promised by their god: a vast vertical shaft in the earth over a dormant magma pool.

The traveler, known only as the “first flame,” spent the remainder of their life dutifully carving out the foundations of Eth Aldur. As the first flame lay dying, new clans folk arrived at the city, similarly called by divine mandate to make the journey. They inherited the foundation prepared by the first flame and continued the work of building a life here.

Over the millennia, the magma beneath the city has risen, pushing the city’s inhabitants higher into the caves as the lower sections are melted and consumed. At the same time, the city’s influence has flowed throughout the catacombs of the underearth, crystallizing in a multitude of neighboring towns, hamlets, and outposts in the surrounding region.