What's Included?

  • 16-page PDF
  • 3 full-color maps included in the PDF

Adventure Overview

A Gathering of Witches is a Fifth Edition adventure for 3 to 7 characters, optimized for a party of 5 characters of 3rd level.

The characters learn about a student cohort that’s planning to hold a summoning circle in the dead of night at the library. Some of the other students are worried that the magic is too dangerous, but are too afraid to confront the cohort directly. Will the characters rise to the occasion to protect their fellow students from themselves?


The school library is home to ancient magic and knowledge. Throughout the centuries it has served many scholars with its information, but a select few are aware of its more occult offerings. Beneath the central dias is a secret chamber that houses large fragments of an otherworldly crystal. The crystal is a powerful conduit of magic, allowing those that know how to use it to cast magic well beyond their individual capacity.

A knowledge-hungry merfolk student named Anemone learned about the hidden chamber from Omh’odhri, the aberrant dean of conjuration, due to a clumsy slip of the tongue. It took a few months, but eventually Anemone figured out how to open the secret chamber. Unable to let the information go unused, she’s roped her cohort into helping her perform a magic ritual in the secret chamber of the library.